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Love This Pet Feeder Just Needs Siri Shortcuts

This is a great pet feeder, it allows us to make sure our dog is taken care of even when we can't get home in time. The only thing that would make it even better would be if Sori Shortcuts could be added so we can just say "Hey Siri give our dog a snack" and it could send the command to the feeder without having to use the app at all!

The great hardware needs a few app tweaks

I purchased this feeder a month ago, and I love the reliability, the Wi-Fi connectivity, and the flexible scheduling. With a few tweaks to the app this could be a five star device: 1) an advance feed button which feeds now and replaces the next scheduled feeding time, 2) a 1/16 cup quantity option for smaller pets, and 3) a variable time slow feed mode. Then, I'm thinking an easy five star rating.

$180 for “This service is temporarily unavailable”

Spent $180 on this pet feeder, took it out of the box with my dog waiting excitedly for breakfast. Downloaded the app, entered email address. The app requires you to enter a code that was sent to your email address in order to set up. When I enter the code, I kept getting an error message “This service is temporarily unavailable” and couldn’t set up the machine at all. Customer service phone number is closed today. Can’t believe I paid $$$ for this machine!

Need the ability to customize daily schedules!

I like the feeder, but most other smart feeders in the market have figured out a way to customize feeding schedules on a day-of-the-week cadence. This seems like a basic requirement for people with non-standard work schedules, people who would like to sleep in on weekends, people who have recurring evening commitments on particular days of the week, etc. I really hope this is just a software restriction that can be updated in a future app release and not a hardware restriction that would require users to buy a newer unit.

Works but could use improvements

Works as advertised. Would be even better if it could be programmed to schedule feeding times at different times per day. Example: on the weekend I’d like to schedule the feeding later so everyone can sleep in. The sound of the food hitting the metal bowl is very loud and wakes everyone up.

Great feeder and app, but would like one fix

The only thing I would change is being able to set different schedules during the weekdays/weekends. My dog’s sleep schedule follows mine and I would like to schedule his weekend breakfasts later. The feeder is loud when it dispenses into the tin bowl. Hopefully this is an easy app change!

Excellent product, and slightly above average app

Overall, very pleased. With two feeders, it's not quite as slick. I left a review on Android as well, which I think is a better app. The big issue on iPhone is the stupid notch, which isn't PetSafes fault really. Of course, it's now up to them to choose for Apple's idiot notch. I agree with the other review about a toggle for each individual feeding time. I like that idea. My big thing is having individual names for the notifications. So, "[Individual Feeder Name] has been fed" would be a better notification. Also in the vein of two feeders, synchronizing the times is critical. I personally don't care, but one of my dogs really thinks not having the feeders serve at the same time is a problem. Not sure why there's a NTP server issue there, but really needs to be addressed. Overall, a great product though, and we love it!

Watch App?

Love it but wondering if you plan to make it watch compatible.

iphone x support missing

iphone x support needed

I just need one feature!!

Please please add the ability to keep the schedule but feed the animal now and skip the upcoming feeding. My example would be: we have a morning and evening feed time. Our dog likes to eat the cat food so we like to feed him before we go out. So we might want to feed early and skip the scheduled feeding without having to turn off the schedule and remember to turn it on after the the scheduled time so the animal does not get fed twice.

Controls the feeder perfectly

This companion app to the Smart Feed works great. It was super easy to set up the feeder. The interface is clean and simple. Notifies you when it feeds your pet, and allows you to schedule feedings or do them manually. And it’s stable - no crashes!

Had it for a month

This is my first autofeeder and very happy with it. There are others with cameras but reviews seem mixed on quality and reliability. I believe this wifi version is new, so not to much out there on it. I choose this one due to the companies other non-wifi feeder, (which has been around for years) being top rated. Everything works well as advertised. Best features is if going to stay out late can active a feeding from my smart phone or if leave for a weekend can set up a schedule with up to 12 feedings a day (and as small as an ⅛ cup, or larger). The only tweak to the app I would like to see is: Now you have the option to turn your autofeeding schedule on or off, with one button. When im gone for a weekend I like to set up 12 small 1/8 cup feeding. When Im at home I set only 4 feeding. Would be nice if they had on/off buttons for each feeding time so I can turn on/off individual feeding times (now I have to cancel the feeding time then set it up again when going out of town... not a big issue, just would be more convenient)

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